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Torque Themes and Editor (OBD)

0.99 usd

The Third of 4 packs. --- NEW CARBON NITROUS THEME PACK 3 AND EDITOR for TORQUE OBD 212 Cool Torque Themes - for TORQUE PRO and LITE FREE versions. Easy Install, one button push.
Bundle and Save! Theme Pack 1-- OriginalTheme Pack 2 -- Fire and Metal ; Theme Pack 3 -- Carbon Nitrous ; Theme Pack 4 --.Insane pack- C.A.R.V.I.STheme Pack 5 -- SCi Fi and HUD INSTANT COLOR AND DIAL RADIUS ANGLE EDITOR!
FOR THIS TO WORK YOU HAVE TO HAVE 1. A CAR -- 2. an OBD 2 Device (ebay $15.00) -- 3. Torque program ( free or pro version)Please dont rate this pack 1 star if you dont have these. Watch install video this is EASY!!

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